TMJ Specialist

TMJ Specialist


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is the joint that provides your mandible its range of motion. These movements allows you to speak, chew, move from side to side and even swallow.
When these joint and its associated structures, muscle, ligament, disk, jaw bone, are not synchronized several problems may occur.

What is temporomandibular disorder?

Temporomandibular disorders, are disorders associated with jaw muscles, TMJ, or both structures that may produce acute or chronic pain in such structures.

What are the main symptoms?

Normally felt when moving the jaw, however other symptoms may occur like headaches, neck ache or backache.

Joint Sounds
Usually patients can complain of different sound coming from his joint like popping, clicking or grinding during function.
Jaw noises are quite common, but when patient refers pain or limited range of motion, professional advice may be needed.

Restricted Movement
Restricted jaw movement can cause severe discomfort in everyday life and also need professional attention.


In many cases people can successfully treat TMJ disorders with self-care and lifestyle changes.
In other situations, specific conservative  treatment or minimally invasive treatment are needed and  dentists or physical therapist supervision may be advisable.
In more extreme and selected cases surgery treatment may be indicated to reestablish the movement and pain-free condition of the TMJ.

Is it a very expensive treatment?

As with almost all the treatments, it is only possible to know the exact cost of a treatment after a professional evaluation, with clinical and radiological methods, since many times the evaluation of more than one professional is necessary. However, the most important thing is to know that our HEALTH is above any PRICE.